We professionally clean commercial carpet, tile and grout, and upholstery here at The Right Guy Carpet Cleaning, Inc. Besides cleaning residential, we also love cleaning small businesses, offices, retail carpeting, showrooms, waiting rooms and reception areas. Doctors, dentists, chiropractors and many other professions all need to have a nice appearance in their offices, nobody wants to sit in a dirty waiting room looking at stains on the carpet or sit on a stained up chair!

Company's that have a large volume of clients, most of which are not interested in keeping the office carpets and seating looking nice, may need to have more frequent cleanings. We can help get the office and seating back to a nice suitable public appearance to help clients feel more comfortable in those type of surroundings.

Your customers notice your carpeting and tile appearance along with the chairs they have to sit in to wait, or your conference chairs they need to sit in. Make a good impression of cleanliness and help separate your business from your competitions dirty showroom and soiled furniture.

Call us NOW at (630) 264-4369 - or Contact Us for a free written estimate or to set up appointment to have your business cleaned and impress your customers!