Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

We get quite a few FAQ's in our business, here are a few answers

Q: How often should you professionally clean carpeting?

A: The answer for manufactures is at least once every 12 to 18 months, depending on the manufacturer. It is also very individual. Some customers clean certain rooms monthly, others every few years. A busy family with pets may require more frequent cleanings than a senior may need. We recommend a professional cleaning at least once a year.

Q: How much does it cost to clean a room?

A: Our cost is based on the square-footage that we are cleaning, and we do have a minimum service charge. Weekends and after hours may cost more, as well as additional services. Some services that may cost extra are moving many pieces of furniture around, Scotchgarding, extra heavy pre-spotting or deodorizing, certain pre-vacuming, or even difficult set-ups for high rise condos or large buildings that require extra time may have an additional cost applied.
Upholstery and leather are priced by the piece and by the cleaning method required.
Stairs are priced per stair, cars & RV’s are priced on what is being cleaned in them.

Q: Do I need to move anything before you arrive?

A: We offer furniture moving as an additional service at your request. If you are having us move the furniture, we ask that all breakables be removed from on top or inside of the items being moved. This will make the job go quicker and avoid any accidental breakages, which nobody wants!

Q: Do I need to vacuum before you clean?

A: We highly recommend a pre-vacuum with a good vacuum cleaner before we arrive, but we understand if that’s not possible and offer a pre-vac service. Although, there may be an additional cost, depending on time, size, soil conditions, etc.
Our truck mounted cleaning system has
a powerful vacuum that is constantly running all the time, so we can take care of the pre-vacuuming as we clean on certain carpet conditions.

*Notes on Vacuuming:
Manufacturers recommend daily vacuuming for many carpet types.
It is also recommend to vacuum over a spot in as many as six times in different directions to remove all the dry soil from it.
*If you feel your vacuum is not working properly, or not picking up debris as once did, please let us know and we’ll be happy to take a look at it for you.

Q: Do I need to be home while you clean?

A: No. We know people are very busy. With detailed instructions, we can enter, clean, and lock up when we’re done.
*We need to know to get into the property, ex: garage code, neighbor,
hidden key, etc.
*We need a clear understanding of what is to be cleaned beforehand.
*Let us know exactly what is to be cleaned by phone, text or email. Or if
someone is meeting us, leave them clear instructions for us.
*If you are leaving a note, please be specific as to what areas are being cleaned and include if any furniture is to be moved.
*Please leave a cell number if a price is needed before cleaning.
*We will need payment at time of service, unless previously arranged before arrival.
*Also, please make sure pets are safely secured before we arrive. The door will be open a few inches for our vacuum hoses and we don’t want pets sneaking outside while we are working. Plus, some dogs aren’t too friendly to unknown people walking in when their owners are not home.

Q: When can we walk on the carpet after it has been cleaned?

A: You can walk on the carpet immediately after cleaning. Our cleaning
solutions are safe to walk on with bare feet, but we recommend socks or cleaning the bottom of your shoes or slippers before you walk on it.
*If you walk across damp carpeting onto tile or wood flooring please be careful not to slip and fall because the bottom of your shoes may be damp and cause the tile to become slick.
*You may also want to wipe the paws of your dogs when they come in from outside, while the carpet is damp their paw prints leave soil spots easier.

Q: How soon can we put furniture back onto the clean carpet?

A: You can put items back right away while carpet is damp, but you would need to put something under the legs such as aluminum foil, plastic wrap, or wax paper to protect the carpet from rusting of metal or wood stain bleeding.
Or let us know you’ll be doing that and we can leave some of our pads or blocks with you.
Usually the next day you can return items back without furniture protectors.
We put protection under the items we move that require it.

Q: What can we use ourselves to spot clean?

A: Different problems require different solutions. Generally, we do not recommend over using soap
based products as it could set the stain or leave your carpet sticky, which will then attract soil to adhere to it.
A good multi-purpose product to have on hand would be club soda for spills or vinegar and water works well also for certain spots.
If there is a wine or coffee spill for example, blot up what you can, then pour the club soda directly on the stain and keep blotting it up. 

*Please call for specific questions, or for tips and advice!  Thanks.